ChemZ rules 

General Rules

         - No toxic chat ingame or in discord general chats we have shit talk channels for a reason 

         - Racism will not be tolerated in any chats this will result in perm ban!!! 

         - Do not direct message any member of staff please open a ticket

         - Do not @ any member of staff 

         - Do not advertise or encourage other players to switch servers

         - No stealing from safezones  

         - No stream sniping (Evidence needed)

         - No combat logging, within 10 mins of pvp. (Evidence of combat logging needed) 

         - Do not leave vehicles at traders please use Garages we have provided

           any vehicles left at trader has risk of it be deleted or given away 

           after 24 hours 

         - Please be respectful to all members of the ChemZ community 

         - Please be respectful to all members of the ChemZ staff 

- We encourage all players to record all pvp encounters as it will

           eliminate the "he said she said" 

         - No meta gaming allowed  

         - vehicles are to be used at your own risk  


Base building 


- There is to be no floating bases

         - You are only permitted to have 1 personal garage at base.  

- max base size is 4x4x4 (melkart only)

- maximum door limit is 15 across all maps.

- Top down bases are aloud as long as it is still raidable

  windows are not to be used as doors any base caught doing 

           this will be deleted!!

         - No building within 300m of small military

- No building within 900m of large military  

- No building within 600m of keycard vaults and spawn points

- No building within 1000m of traders

         - No door or wall stacking

- If you find a no building sign at your base please make a ticket

- If you find a empty base and want to take over it make a ticket 

         - If your new to dayz and not sure about building open a ticket and a admin will help you 

                                                                       Base raiding 


- Deerisle weekends only!!!

- Takistan + Melkart 24/7


- Door raiding only!!

- Dismantling to gain access to a base is not allowed anyone caught could result in a ban 

         - If a base can not be raided legally please make a ticket 

- If you have reached 15 doors and there is still more doors to blow open make a ticket 

- Once c4 has been placed on your door you can not log off this may be classed as combat 

  logging and could result in a temp ban. you can only log off 10 mins after last c4 has 

  been placed.

- No building is aloud to take place during a raid you can resume building 30 mins after 

  last c4 has been placed.

- During a raid you can not place a code lock on enemy base and you must not block any 

  entrance to the enemys base by any means.

- Unsecured bases can be raided at anytime but if you get in without raid tools

  it is your responsibility to get out without dismantling or using raid tools. 

                 - You can not empty out contents of base just to destroy them. you

          can only leave items on ground when taking the storage

- If you are raiding or being raided it is best to record these 

  as it will eliminate the "he said she said" and give us evidence 

  to work with.

                - Garages can only be raided during raid times

                                  Groups Rules 

                 - Groups are allowed a max of 6 players

- Groups are allowed 2 bases with a min distance of 1000m between bases

- Groups are not to be toxic and run ChemZ players off any map this will 

  not be tolerated 




- 1st Strike will lead to a 24hour discord and server ban  

                - 2nd strike will result in a 1 week discord and server ban 

- 3rd strike will result in a permanent ban on discord and on servers.

                - depending on the rule broken will depend on the punishment. we reserve 

  the right to issue a permanent ban on first strike depending on the act committed 



                                                All rules are subject to change

                                     we thank you for you continued support 

                                              Much love from the ChemZ Team